At SBS, your success makes ours.

SBS is your service partner in customer communications for businesses and brands. We deliver targeted, tactical, and timely messages using print and digital media. As a reflection of our history, 2003 was the year we started with distribution of flyers for various companies. Such was our humble beginning.

As the needs of the industry grew, we began to synergise both the print and digital media to reach and engage numerous audiences. Our best-of-both-worlds approach and our passion have brought us to where we are today — a leading, ISO-certified customer communications provider in Malaysia. Growing together with our staff and clientele, we strive to be resourceful, reliable, and responsive at all times.

We are also proud to be the 1st company to be awarded ISO 9001: 2015 for flyer distribution and banner printing & installation, in the Malaysia Book of Records. Celebrating our 15th years in printing & advertising.

Our Values

What we value most is people, for they are the driving force behind what makes us who we are today. Our open, familial culture enables us to value one another with:



We love what we do, we have fun together, and we do more than what is expected of us – to exceed and excel in our performance.



We understand and support our clients’ needs, and commit ourselves to constantly explore new frontiers in marketing and communications.



We work openly and responsibly to build trust and to establish authentic, lasting relationships.



We work independently and as a team to empower one another and to work cooperatively.

The Heart of Our Service

Our committed staff and partners are truly our greatest assets, for without them, we would not become the leader in direct marketing and customer communications that we are today. Functioning with 100% full-time staff, we provide devoted service because the company is devoted to our staff and associates. This transforms our organisation into a platform that grows mutually with all our partners, clients and staff, building trust and forging relationships that last.

Words From Our Founders

Constant self-improvement is the key to building stronger relationships.

CM Wong

Founder & CEO

We first started as a simple sales and distribution business, and we had faced many difficulties getting our message out to attract new customers.

Since then, we decided that we could channel our dedication into helping brands and businesses reach their audiences in a targeted, tactical, and timely manner as a customer communications provider.

Over the years, we have grown from a small team to a multi-channel marketing solutions company that spans across Malaysia. Ultimately, we wish to grow together with our clients, developing with both established and budding businesses alike, amplifying their brands to key audiences.

Excellent service with passion, professionalism, and attention to detail is what really pays off in the end.

Elaine Piah

Managing Director

Since day one, we have always put our clients first. As business owners, we have come to realise the importance of delivering a message to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time.

That is why even though we continue to develop as an organisation, we never miss out on the finer details that all our clients need and deserve. Our dedicated teams are always ready to go the extra mile, and it is just part of what we do best!

Terms & Conditions
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