Why Newspaper Insertion?

In today’s market, you may be surprised to know that consumers still turn to traditional media despite an increase in their digital media consumption habits. Therefore, newspaper still contributes to a big part of our society daily needs.

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Newspaper insertion is service which allows pre-print or free standing materials to be inserted in the newspapers that will be distributed to readers in targeted area. Insert materials often include flyers, brochure, catalogs, coupon and more. This allows a good coverage for all industries for more direct approach to readers. Direct approach often brings direct leads to business as it enhances audience to take action. Based on a survey conducted by MORI research, more than 70% of consumers who “regularly” and “occasionally” read newspaper inserts, while 82% will take action due to newspaper insert.


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When it comes to practice growth, newspaper insertion has many advantageous over other forms of advertising:

Cost Effective

  • Low costing but generate high profit and brand awareness.

Greater Response Rate

  • NPI generate instant response and proven swift consumer response towards promotion.

Target Marketing

  • Target potential customers by zip code using demographics or language media.

Deep Impression

  • Colourful newspaper inserts offer eye-catching options and slick graphics leave deep impression

Reached Out Number

  • Thousands of consumers can be reached in one day because NPI can enter gated area


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Lasting Power

  • Digital advertisement can only last few second and be gone before consumer can remember. Unlike digital advertisement, newspapers have real lasting power and tend to stick around in consumer’s home longer. Which means that, consumer has chance to spend more time viewing your advertisement

Do Not Underestimate Sunday Shoppers

  • Consumers are usually active in doing their shopping on Sunday, and they expect to see special deal or promotion from newspaper insert. Thus, there is higher chance of your advertisement being notice by shoppers in term of savings more on household expenditure.

Consumer Adore Anything That Makes Their Life Easier

  • Who doesn’t love anything that makes your life easier? Consumers tend to seek for offers by going through newspaper, save time and money. They rely on inserts when researching products they’re planning on buying and they enjoy browsing to discover even more ways they can save.


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  • Use direct and attractive contents
  • Attractive graphic to create special insert
  • Add a “call-to-action message” in flyers to encourage consumer to purchase
  • Insert contact information and details about sales, promotion or special events


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Step 1:

We design and print / collect materials from you

Step 2:

Select your target audience (covers Chinese, Malays, English & Tamil newspaper)4

Step 3:

Newspaper insertion to be done on selected dates

Step 4:

Insertion is done and distributed to targeted audience


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