Mah Sing Group


Since 1991, Mah Sing Group has developed and completed many prime residential and commercial projects across property hotspots in Malaysia. Mah Sing needed to attract people to the prelaunch of the Icon City Development, generating a buzz among local buyers. To get people talking, some offline marketing campaigns were crafted to reach interested buyers and investors.


  • Intend to build interest for the prelaunch of the Icon City Development
  • To create interest and curiosity for upcoming development in the area
  • Establish awareness of monthly events


  • Mail drop Flyer Distribution in Petaling Jaya to create awareness about potential investment
  • Newspaper Insertion to get higher income buyers to book in advance
  • Buntings & Banners to announce pre-launch of development to potential buyers
  • Email Marketing to share newsletters on development progress to interested parties
Terms & Conditions
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