Social media influencers – also known as Key Opinion Leaders – have a dedicated following, and their words carry weight. With a growing pool of influencers, all you need is a good review, strategic product placement, retweet, repost, share or post link from these brand advocates to turn their followers into your potential customers. This allows your brand, product or service to stand out and even go viral among the masses.


  • Targets niche markets and followers of influencers
  • Increases brand awareness, online reputation, and conversion rate

Unique Features

  • Tailor-made post, article, advertisement, or post preview and approval before publishing
  • Automated tracking and analysis of followers, impressions, engagement, page views, and clicks

Work Process


Identify and locate social media influencers relevant to your brand.


Submit your finalised contents / messages to us.


We proceed with publishing the approved contents to engage with your audience.


We send you an analysis report on the behavioural patterns of your visitors.

Terms & Conditions
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